The 12th EuroSpeleo Forum will take place in the rooms of the town-hall in the centre of Ebensee, and in a further complex with an auditorium, a school, and a cinema, which is situated in a distance of 800 m.


The congress programme consists of scientific symposia, expos, buisness meetings, different competitions,
excursions and field camps.
Something for everybody!


Call for Vendors & Exhibitors


The Organising Committee invites your speleological organisation or business to become a vendor and/or an
exhibitor at the Conference. Book early to gain a premium location.

Fees for Exhibitors & Vendors Commercial Organisations:
Display space 2 m: € 80,-
4 m space: € 150,-

Speleological Societys & Show Caves:
Display space 2 m: € 40,-
4 m space: € 75,

Registration for exhibitors & vendors has to be done by email (
For further questions kindly contact the Conference Office.


Call for Entries for Eurospeleo Photo Competition


There will be a photo competition during EuroSpeleo Forum 2018. Further information about the participation will be published later.

All photos, which are cave-related (creative, documentary, humour, etc.), are allowed. A participation at the conference is mandatory. The pictures must be a JPG file with min. 2500 pixel on the longest side of the photo. The copyright remains with the photographer and the photos will be shown at the exhibition at the EuroSpeleo Forum.

The photographer will not be named during the exhibition, to focus the audience only on the photo as a basis for evaluation. The evaluation of the photos will be done by audience voting. The photographer agrees that his/her pictures might be printed and presented online for the purpose of a report of EuroSpeleo Forum 2018. The three best photos win an award and prizes.

If you’re interrested in participation, send an e-mail to
When there are more details about the competition rules, we will contact you.
Have fun with the preselection of your best photos!


Call for Entries for EuroSpeleo Image’In Film Festival


Your films will be shown during two afternoons according to the program.
The EuroSpeleo Image’In Film Festival will take place in:
Cinema Ebensee (House of Music and Films)
Schulgasse 6
4802 Ebensee

To take part please provide the film as a MP4 file and send a link (e.g. dropbox) to:

The films will be categorised if necessary, depending on the number of submissions. We will inform you in which category your film will be shown. We will not change the content of your film! To give a forum to as many artists as possible please make sure that your film is not longer than 12 min. Every participant is allowed to submit only one movie. The authors of the three top-ranked films win an award and prizes.


Call for Candidates for Speleo-Olympics Competition


Speleo-Olympics will be held in a public park next to the conference centre. The competitors have to demonstrate their skills in climbing, abseiling, crawling etc. For the challenge, stairs, trees or walls as well as artificial obstacles like simulated narrow passages will be used.

Safety is always first. Every competitor is responsible for his own safety during the challenge. Disobeying safety rules cause immediate disqualification.

For the competition, all participants have to wear regular caving equipment, like caving oversuit, helmet, gloves and SRT-equipment. The first three male and female winners will receive an award.

Further information will be published in our 3rd Circular.